David, Prometheus


We create images. They tell the story. They show emotions.
They make you see of what is impossible to see.

We started 3DE in 2010, the place, where people meet their big dreams. We grew up with love for great movies. From the very beginning, 3DE was created with big passion for digital special effects used in feature films and game cinematics.


To make dreams come true we focus on the talented and ambitious people working in 3DE as well as the technology through which we can perform our services for Producers, Directors and Art directors. Our team consists of all kinds of specialists in various fields such as concept art, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, simulation, technology research, rendering and compositing.

We want to be associated with difficult and demanding VFX projects. From the very beginning we have been focusing on developing the right pipeline for the projects entrusted to us. To make this possible, a suitable selection of tools is required. For this reason we integrate all the tools we have in the studio into one straight pipeline to achieve most efficient workflow. Every day we create our own tools that are precisely tailored to the tasks.

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