3DE in Warsaw provides you an opportunity to participate in upcoming productions for cinematics and visual effects to work on as Junior Rigger.  
The main task will be creating high quality rigs and rigging tools to be used by other team members structured in Maya.  
Right person must have basic knowledge of rigging for Maya as a main tool as well as multiple of scripting languages which are used in everyday VFX productions.  

​  Responsibilities:  


  • Creating  rig setups for any type of assets needed in production ranging from props to characters and creatures.

  • Creating rigs compatible with outlines established by the 3de pipeline.  

  • Ability to work closely with all departments in the studio to make sure that the work coming from all the artists is rigging compatible and follows guidelines of our in-house rigging systems and insuring the continuation and upgrades of the current rigging tools.  

  • Create pipeline tools which would allow to streamline any workflow inside of 3DE's pipeline. 

  • Communicate and work closely with fellow artists and TDs to create the best work possible within the time given.  

  • Provide CG Supervisors with progress reports.   


  • A great desire to expand your skills is required.  

  • Knowledge for Maya.  

  • Knowledge of one of the following: Python, MEL, PyMEL, C++. 

  • Ability to apply yourself to an in-house pipeline and pre-existing rigging tools.  

  • Good communication skills.  

  • Ability to work within a team and in a dynamically changing environment full of ideas.  

  • Multitasking, problem solving, self-organization and prioritizing your day to day work is very expected.  

  • Basic knowledge of Linux Centos and Windows operating systems.  

  • Fluent English language skills.