3DE in Warsaw is looking for an Animator with a General knowledge of multiple of areas in the 3D pipeline to work on upcoming productions for cinematics and visual effects. The main task will be creating high quality animations based off motion capture or just a reference as well as complete other 3D tasks when needed ranging from modeling to lighting or comp.




  • Creating high end animations mostly in realistic and sciFi style

  • Work with the rigger to establish rig needs for other animators if needed.

  • Complete high-quality work on time and to specification

  • Be creative and proactive in executing tasks and assisting on all aspects of the CG in a project

  • Work on other 3D tasks in fields of Modelling, Texturing, Look Dev, Rigging, FX, Scripting, Lighting, Rendering, Render Wrangling, or Compositing.


  • Proven VFX experience in field of Animation and others stated above.

  • Excellent knowledge of Maya and extra softwares required to complete tasks in other additional fields (Mari, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Vray, After Effects, Nuke, Fusion, RenderPal, Python)

  • Knowledge of Houdini is a huge plus.

  • In-depth knowledge of VFX techniques, workflow and some experience.

  • Good understanding of most CG techniques and technologies

  • Proactive in picking up new and proprietary tool

  • Experience in using Ftrack.