3DE deals with 3d animation, visual effects and postproduction for movies and cinematics for computer games. Our infrastructure consists of several servers with over 40 virtual machines providing wide range of services for the users. The IT system also contains a number of storage servers for high capacity data. In addition we have a lot workstations, laptops and more than 100 nodes used for 24h rendering. We mostly operate  on the Linux environment and a few our workstations and laptops are based on Windows .



  • ensure and upgrade security of the company IT system (Firewall).

  • manage configuration, setting, parameters of servers, workstations, laptops, services etc. for the users of company IT system.

  • manage applications and systems in the scope of monitoring, modification and compatibility with the IT infrastructure. (configuration, license servers, commercial software, internal applications, installing and uninstalling of the software).

  • develop and implement scripts and integrate applications required for automation ( software).

  • develop additional software (scripts, sub applications etc.) and test existing applications and IT systems.

  • develop IT solutions according to the studio requirements (software and hardware).

  • develop, implement and monitor storage systems, internal network framework, servers with email, FTP etc. services.

  • estimate costs of implemented changes in the company IT system (software and hardware).

  • support daily 3de with technical issues and manage 3de infrastructure, devices, IT systems.

  • support maintenance processes of the 3de studio (backup, archive, data migration, inventory, system analysis, license recommendation).

  • produce specification and documentation for the IT infrastructure and implemented changes.

  • cooperate closely with software developers and the 3de team.



  • proven System Administrator experience.

  • experience in storage systems, servers, workstations.

  • experience in network infrastructure (switches etc.).

  • knowledge of database and cluster systems.

  • knowledge of Linux Centos and Redhat environment.

  • knowledge of scripting and programming in Python, Pyside, JAVAm C++.

  • knowledge of commercial 3d graphics software (Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, SideFX Houdini, TheFoundry Modo, Mari etc.).

  • focus on self-development and new technologies.

  • team-work orientation.

  • very good work organization.